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Ice fishing

Ice fishing is a very common activity among Kiruna locals. Conditions are optimal in the spring, between March and May, but is also possible once the ice is strong enough to walk on. Drill a hole in the ice, sit on a reindeer skin and relax with a cup of tea or coffee while waiting for your big catch.

Cross country skiing

Cross country skiing is one of the most popular outdoor activities in northern Sweden.

It is simply a fantastic and fun way to explore nature.

Snow shoeing

Get up close and personal with nature while winter hiking and snowshoeing through the white, beautiful and silent landscape.

Ice-skating on the river

Play hockey or skate like an ice princess/prince on the frozen Torne River.

Shooting with an air rifle

Learn to shoot in different positions, such as standing, kneeling, lying down, and how to use your surroundings (trees, ski poles, backpacks, stones etc.) to get a stable aim on your target. Easy practice for hunters.

Downhill sledding

Sledding down forested hills – it’s fast and it’s fun, regardless of your age.

Chopping firewood

All the cabins are heated with wood-burning stoves – so nice and cozy. The first thing we will need to do when we arrive at camp is to saw and chop firewood. This is a great way to warm up, and it’s great fun too!

Carrying fresh water from the river

The water in the river next to the camp is extremely pure and clean - and it tastes amazing. We will work together to drill a hole in the ice to fill up buckets with water for cooking, drinking and the sauna.

Hiking in the forest

Take a walk through the amazing, wild natural landscape, through meter-deep snow, past an openly flowing river, sunrises, sunsets, animals and their footprints. Take some stunning pictures and embrace your surroundings.

Relaxing by a campfire

Roast a couple of marshmallows over a fire while waiting for the aurora borealis/northern light to appear.

Fire-heated sauna

The best way to end an active day in the outdoors is to relax inside a hot, fire-heated sauna.

Sauna 2.0

Take control of your health and boost your well-being with the latest in wellness - ice baths! Experience the benefits of cold therapy as you give your body a refreshing treatment.



Nature has a mind of its own and doesn’t always cooperate to make all of our activities possible. For example, the ice may be too thin for skating on the river or there may be too little snow to go out snowshoeing. And there are some activities that require daylight. 

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