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Taube Activity is a company established more than 40 years ago, 1978, by Henrik Taube who was one of the first people to work with tourism in Kiruna.

Today we are the family running the tours. Henriks experience and knowledge

is passed along to Ivan and Märta. Who has been working full time with the tours for 8 years now.

All of us born and raised in the arctic nature of Kiruna.

The camp, with the cabins, is all build by us and it is our passion to bring people

and show the breathtaking landscape around.

One of the cabins is a traditional Sami hut, all made by nature materials just like in the past.

It is well maintained and very cosy. If you are interested in the natives and Sami culture Ivan and Märta can

answer your questions since their mothers family are Sami and lived the culture. We really like and are very interested of local folklores, stories and history, both from the Swedish and Sami culture, that we are happy to share with you.

Your guides have genuine knowledge and are also educated in military medical, snowmobiles and surviving wilderness.

We believe we have the best job in the world, meeting people from all over the world in a magnificent nature.

When we don´t work as guides we spend our time with climbing, white water kayaking, hunting, freestyle skiing, cross country skiing, hiking, fishing etc. And traveling as often as possible. We like to be tourists and discover new places and cultures. Which help us understand what is important and how to help you as a traveler.

Your local guides

We would like to introduce you to one of the most breathtaking areas of Kiruna

We wish to create memories for a lifetime and experiences of an adventure in Swedish Lapland   

Ivan Taube

Märta Taube

Henrik Taube

Header photo: Jacob Hesse

Family photo: Nina Midfjäll

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