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3-days ice fishing tour

Day 1

Ice fishing Torne River Kiruna studentFirst day of the tour begins 09.30 in the morning with car-transfer from your hostel/hotel in Kiruna to the starting-place 15 km north Kiruna. Here you will get equipped with snow pants and winter shoes.
Then we will drive 10 kilometers, with snow mobiles and sledges, through the beautiful area in completely wilderness on the frozen Torne- and Rautas River. Out here there are no car roads, only forest as far as the eye can see.  Along the track we might see wild animals and for sure foot prints from them in the snow. In wintertime there are for example a lot of mooses and reindeers along the rivers.

After 10 km we will arrive at the camp, that borders to Rautas and Alajaure wildlife- and nature preserves. Here we will start by bringing up fresh drinking-water from the river. Torne River is one of the few remaining rivers that is unaffected by human activities and the water is perfect. Next we will do some ice fishing. We will probably not be alone on the ice since it is a hotspot for locals fishing whitefish in the spring, and there are also a lot of trout and grayling in the water. After fishing we will cook traditional and local food for lunch, vegetarian food is also an option just tell us before. Then there is time to install yourself in your cabin, a warm and very special, traditional lappish hut. We will do some wood chopping for the sauna (optional but recommended). There is also other activities to do here if you so please, cross contry skiing etc. Or you can be out fishing all day until dinner that we will eat in the cosy BBQ hut. If you have caught any fish they are perfect to grill in the BBQ over the open fire. Hopefully there is now a sparkling northern light on the sky. We are far away from the city lights and the northen lights is possible to see just outside the door. In clear sky, chances to see northern light, aurora borealis, are very high.

Ice fishing Torne River taube activity Kiruna studentDay 2

On the second day after breakfast 09.30, we will take the snowmobiles and go even further north to try and catch some arctic char.

The arctic char is a fish that only exist in really cold water, it is the fish you find in the most northern high altitude mountain lakes and glacier creeks. It is a few lakes in the area where this fish lives and we will go to one of them depending on weather, wind, best chances of catching and which lures you the most.

On the lake we will spend the day fishing. We will put up a tent as a preliminary base where we can cook lunch and it’s also possible to fish from inside. It is good if you bring some own snacks that you can eat outside to get some quick energy. Depending on how we feel we will either eat dinner on the lake or when we come back to the camp. Back at the camp you probably would like to take a sauna after a day out. The best part about Lapland is the outdoors, but we are sure you will find the sauna to be the best indoor room.

Ice fishing taube activity Kiruna

Ice fishing taube activity Kiruna

Day 3

Ice fishing grayling Kiruna studentOn day three after breakfast you will have the option to smoke your fish that you caught. That way it will be possible to bring it with you when you leave and it will get a nice smokey flavor. You can also have it as lunch before leaving. Now you have time to do different activities until we leave for Kiruna around 13.30 where we end our tour. We will be in the city about 15.00 so you have time to go with train to Abisko or the night train south. If you are staying in Kiruna, it's also possible for us to take you to the famous Ice Hotel.

  • Transfer from and back to your hotel/airport/trainstation
  • Snow pants and winter shoes 
  • Guided snowmobile tour
  • Basic fishing lessons
  • All activities at the camp (Ice fishing, skiing, snowshoes, air rifle etc.) 
  • All meals (One lunch, Dinner and Breakfast)
  • Lodging in the cabins
  • Wooden heated Sauna
  • Drop off at Ice Hotel after the tour (20km outside Kiruna C)

If you like to it is possible to do a 3 days tour without extra fishing. 

Price: 3100:-/pp
student 1-4p 2500:-/pp
student 5p- 2400:-/pp  

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